Tonight at Orange County Rescue Mission’s Fall Graduation Ceremony, I had the unique opportunity to award my mentor, friend and co-laborer, Ray Johnson, a Doctorate of Missiology from Mission University. Ray’s numerous degrees, certifications and life experiences are much more than an education that he has accumulated over the years. Every degree, certification and licensing has been earned to serve others throughout the world, and to bring honor to God. Ray is an educated man, but he is also a man of exceptional character and love for God and others. Honoring him with the Doctorate of Missiology will be a highlight and very special moment in my career.

Ray is a humble man, but is always ready to share a good word. We all love to hear him speak not only words of wisdom but his great humor! Tonight after receiving his Doctorate, he went on to give the honor to his beloved wife LaVerne. (Ray and LaVerne pictured above, with their family.) Ray shared, “The real reason I am here tonight is because of the love of Jesus Christ expressed to me through my wife. My life changed because of her.” And to not overlook tonight’s Rescue Mission graduates, he encouraged them that you don’t need an education more than you need a heart that welcomes God. “I am being honored tonight for the sake of Jesus’ love that we all share in together.”


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