Thank you, Mike Meskell and Friar]Tux, for helping the men of the Village of Hope be dressed for success!

Mike Meskell is the professional mentor of one of our residents here at the Village of Hope, as well as owner of several Friar Tux locations.  Friar Tux had been looking to become a more philanthropic business, and Mike saw connecting his business to the Rescue Mission as a great opportunity to mutually benefit both organizations.

Friar Tux generously donated a complete suit, including a shirt, tie, shoes, and a belt, to each man that completed our most recent employment workshop.  An even more exciting aspect of this already generous gift is that each suit was custom-tailored!  Many of these men have never owned a nice suit that has been custom-tailored to fit them perfectly and it served to be a huge confidence booster as they prepared to head out to interviews!

Friar Tux has also committed to providing complete, custom-tailored suits for each man that completes the Road to Success employment workshop in the future!

I am so grateful to Mike Meskell and Friar Tux for this incredible gift – both the suits and the opportunity for these men to feel confident and well-prepared as they take the next step on the road to self-sufficiency!

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