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Like a growing number of women with children who seek refuge at Orange County Rescue Mission, Sunni was fleeing an unsafe marriage. Worried about their safety, unable to find an affordable place to live, and overwhelmed with anxiety about their future, Sunni and her two daughters came to us for help to get through the crisis.

Sunni’s marriage was very difficult. Her husband used money to control the family. The stress and fear finally got to the point where Sunni knew she had to getaway. With no place to go, she called the Rescue Mission. Sunni could see all that we had to offer her — beyond temporary shelter to get her through her crisis — at Village of Hope, which allows her to take advantage of life and job skills training, spiritual counseling, therapy for her and her children, and so much more.

With the help of our team, Sunni immediately dove into her Bible. “Studying God’s Word gave me a better understanding of my purpose in life,” she says. “My relationship with God is better than it ever was before.”

Village of Hope provides a home-like environment. She can walk her kids to school, then  participate in job preparedness and life skills training, and meet with her case manager.

Sunni is working hard toward qualifications for a better paying job that will help her provide for her and her daughters. “I’m able to work in the Rescue Mission accounting department, so I can get a better job,” she says.

As you read this, Sunni is preparing to search for full-time employment. She’s confident her new skills will make the difference.

The Rescue Mission staff have also helped her children readjust. Sunni says, “One of my daughters had a hard time when we first got here. She has been able to adjust.” “They miss their dad,” she says. “But they have a Heavenly Father who is never going to leave them. They can always look to Him.” As Sunni gets closer to leaving us, she can offer the advice she wishes she’d gotten sooner: “It’s OK to seek help. Sometimes we live in our insecurities. We have to know there’s a bigger plan. We have to trust that God has us in His care the whole way.”



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