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How YOU helped Steve escape the pain of mental abuse and the vicious cycle of addiction.

Homeless. Drunk. Alone.

Steve will never forget the night in a dingy hotel room when he realized everything he cared about in his life was gone.

“This was the worst experience in my life,” Steve recalls today. “It was just me, the bottle and a hotel room. I had no emotion. I was surrounded by dark thoughts. It was the most evil I felt in my life.”

For Steve, rock bottom came after decades of pain. Childhood verbal abuse drove him to an alcohol addiction that haunted him into adulthood. The bottle dominated his life for almost 30 years, until that night in the hotel room when something in his heart broke.

“That’s when my dad told me about Orange County Rescue Mission,” Steve remembers. “I knew I needed counseling and spiritual guidance. I needed to find out how to not relapse again.”

“In coming to the Rescue Mission, I have found more than I could have ever expected, especially with the spiritual growth that I have experienced with the help of my case manager, the church here at the Rescue Mission, counseling and Bible studies.

“For those going through similar circumstances, I say: ‘Don’t give up until the miracle is finished. Be diligent in pursuit of God and His will.’”


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