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Stephanie can tell you just what hope for a new life means to her.

Before she got married, she was independent and stable with a good job as a dental assistant.

But soon after her marriage, she found herself in an emotionally unstable relationship, which soon escalated to physical abuse.

Once so full of confidence, Stephanie began to lose her sense of self-worth.

Just save my kids…

While she struggled, she was most afraid for her two girls, and another on the way. In her most desperate hour, she prayed, God, if I don’t make it out of here, just save my kids.

Stephanie left her husband and came to the Mission three months pregnant, but full of hope that she had landed somewhere where she could change her life.

“First day here, I thought it was a miracle,” Stephanie says.

Today, Stephanie is thriving with her three daughters, and interning at the Mission’s Hurtt Family Health Dental Clinic — a position she took the initiative to pursue since no volunteer had ever worked in the clinic before.

“It was a process,” says Stephanie. “But they liked my idea and in the end everybody said yes.”

Rediscovering her inner strength

Stephanie hopes that after she graduates, she’ll be able to make it on her own and provide for her daughters. Most of all, she hopes that her new life will be peaceful.

“I’m planning to work really hard,” says Stephanie. “I want to be able to do the best I can for my daughters.”

Stephanie is especially grateful for your generosity. “Every day, every night I pray and I always thank God for the donors who give to this place. For giving us a roof over our heads and food to eat. It’s a blessing,” says Stephanie.

Because of you, Stephanie was able to regain her dignity and confidence. She is well on her way to making a brand-new start. Thank you for helping hurting people, like Stephanie, find hope for a better life!

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