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Sometimes you need to lose everything to see what’s really important.


It all started when I was living in Laguna Beach. During this 15-year period, I had made some bad choices and decisions that led me to be on Skid Row. I ended up there because of my rebellion against God. Although I had been living as an obedient Christian, I became focused on looking at what I had and wanting more. I saw other people doing things they shouldn’t be doing but they were still blessed.

My personality became the troublemaker, the problem. I did what was easiest.

I started stealing in the church and I lied and tried to cover it up. My pastors worked with me but I became so bitter because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. At that point, I lost my job and apartment and I ended up sleeping on people’s fIoors, and eventually Skid Row.

I had a pastor while living on Skid Row, and his wife felt led by the Lord to have me call the Rescue Mission. I called, and I was accepted. I was so thankful on a million levels. I felt like it was a first step to turn to God, and away from my vile behavior.

When I came to the Village of Hope, I said to myself, “I don’t care where they put me or what they make me do.” My roommate was working in the kitchen and she needed help.

So I started washing dishes in the kitchen even before I had my official volunteer assignment. I was so eager. I would stay in the dish pit because that’s where I was needed. It was incredibly physical and it gave me time to pray and think. It was a good place for me, and it officially became my volunteer job.

After going through the job workshop at the Rescue Mission, I’m now employed as a cook in a major hotel! I’m being trained on every station in the kitchen. God gave me favor with the chef and the general manager who runs the kitchen. I am constantly singing Gospel and worship songs in the kitchen. Sometimes you need to lose everything to see what’s really important.

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