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Sadly, Michelle became a drug addict at 13 years old.

After two decades using and selling drugs, she had completely destroyed her health. At 26, Michelle was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and an enlarged heart due to her drug use.

Out of fear and desperation, she worked hard to become sober. But, she relapsed again. In less than two years, her entire body had deteriorated.

Now homeless and addicted to drugs, she gained so much weight so quickly that her body could no longer support itself. She lost her ability to walk and even feed herself.

Michelle felt hopeless. She realized she needed something bigger and stronger to pull her out.

Although she knew God and had a relationship with Him in the past, she felt she had strayed too far away from Him.

Then a year and a half ago, a warrant changed Michelle’s life forever.

She felt the only way to escape the pull of the drugs that were killing her was by force. Michelle turned herself in, and she was arrested and taken to the hospital.

While in custody and chained to a bed in the hospital, Michelle’s healing began.

Michelle lost her hair, but slowly gained back the ability to walk. She also lost more than 100 pounds.

While in jail, she reached out to Orange County Rescue Mission and asked for a chance to come. Six months later, once she could walk again and her heart was more healthy, she received an invitation.

Michelle has now been sober for two years.

She’s healthy and focused on being a great mother to her daughter and building a relationship with God.

Now in the fourth grade, her daughter has received tutoring and one-on-one support, and has been blessed by the Village of Hope community.

Michelle is slowly regaining her youth and her life. She is studying business management and learning new skills in the Accounting Department at the Rescue Mission.

Her life has been restored and renewed because of YOUR generosity!

Of her time at Village of Hope, Michelle says,

“I love the fact that I get so much time in the Word and with other people. I’m focusing on changing my life, not just in the direction of staying sober, but in the direction of living according to God’s plan.”

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