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Melissa was locked in the battle of her life.

She loved her kids, and wanted more than anything to be a good mom. But the lure of drugs was strong — so strong that it was slowly, painfully destroying her family. One day, she called her kids and they refused to talk to her. That’s when she knew she had hit rock bottom.

“My family’s my life, that’s all I have,” she remembers thinking.

But Melissa knew she wasn’t strong enough to beat drugs on her own. She had no idea where to turn for help . . .

. . . until someone told her about the Rescue Mission.

Coming here gave her the weapons she needed to fight back against the addiction she had battled since she was a teenager. Our addiction classes forced her to reorder her priorities. Going to counseling reminded her of what was really important. And studying her Bible taught Melissa that God still loved her, regardless of her past.

After 14 months, Melissa knows she hasn’t completely crushed the demons from her past. But she’s experiencing new victories every day — progress even her family has noticed.

“ They’ve seen the stuff I’ve gone through and what Jesus is doing in my life,” she patiently explains to a visitor at the Mission. “God is restoring my family — and my life! I pray. And now I can give all my worries to Him. It feels good.”

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