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A kind spirited woman, Margot Troupe

There are many grateful men and women who live comfortably at the OCRM because of the good God is doing for this world today. Margot Troupe is one of these many women who feel God is blessing them every day they are allowed to live here and heal from the burdens of a broken past. She has been a part of the community for a little over a year now and, “I love it,” she says, “bed to sleep, don’t have to worry, everyone treats me kindly.” When I asked Margot about the staff here she lit up as she told me a time when a woman name Jewel personally took her to the hospital the day her knee required surgery. I could easily see the genuine joy she has when talking about the OCRM. When I asked what she enjoys most about being here she replied with a soft spoken glow, “Learning about God, because He helps me to be patient, kind, and humble.”

                When Margot lost her job she was out of work for five years and homeless she still maintained the commute to and from Orange County attending the Art institute where she pursued her passion of one day becoming a professional chef. Like anyone though Margot needed a home, a place to rest her head at night, and meals to eat. More important of all Margot needed to be shown love. Here at the Mission Margot got more than she bargained for and could not be more appreciative for all the services they provide for us. The day her sister told her, “if you’re going to Orange County every day you need to find a way to live there,” and looking into shelters God revealed to Margot the OCRM. After a fateful e-mail sent to admissions Margot was received with open arms where she has healed beyond brand new for the past year and is soon to be returning to the job force and ultimately yearns to pursue her dream of becoming a chef. With God all things are possible for this brave woman, Margot Troupe.

                By Chadly 

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