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Jacob can tell you . . .
It’s not easy being a single dad these days. But with the help of the Rescue Mission, and generous donors like you, this young man is giving his six-year-old daughter the things she never had before. A room of her own. Clean clothes to wear every day. Even her own backpack to carry her books to school — all simple things, perhaps, but important steps in feeling “normal” like the other kids at school. Dad’s learning a lot, too — attending parenting classes, learning to set up a family budget, and perhaps most important, how to fill the roles of both mom and dad. Today, they find delight in the simplest things, whether it’s going for an evening stroll, walking hand in hand or reading a Bible story at bedtime. “It makes me happy, just knowing she’s doing so well,” Jacob says. Jacob is standing strong for his daughter and believes everything is going to be okay. Some people come here looking for addiction recovery. Jacob and his daughter came here looking for “life recovery” — and found it because of your generous gifts.

Thank you for helping struggling families find the courage to keep moving forward.

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