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Among the single men and women who stay here at the OCRM there are also married couples. Greg Rhode is happily married and living here with his wife and they could not be happier to be heading in the right path with the love of Christ in his heart. “Simply put,” he says, “What I love most is the safe environment, getting to know the Lord, know other like-minded people.” He was listing so much and so fast it was hard to write it all down, but what brought me joy was the spirit of relief I could see in this man as he named off many reasons he is forever grateful to be here. Greg is a truly remarkable man with a determination to change his life anyone with eyes could see.

Hearing his story my heart sank, listening to his trials and struggles to break addiction and find restoration is proof that God lives. Greg had been to other Rehabilitations but, “other rehabs have drugs going through them, but here we can improve,” he says, “we’ve done rehabs, twelve step, all that. What we needed was to unplug from the world.” Getting a job was never the issue for Greg, and at times he has enjoyed levels of success, but drugs brought him to his knees every time. Battling one of the hardest addictions, Greg has used meth for a twenty five year harsh winter. Even in prison these drugs circulate and found a way to continue the imprisonment of his mind and future. Serving four different terms for drug related offenses Greg knew drastic changes needed to be made, and his wife serving her own sentences agreed that something had to be done.

While serving this last offense Greg and his wife sent three letters a week to Doug Helmen about entering the OCRM. Having access to a phone Greg also left multiple messages every week. When the only answer he could get was “this is not an emergency center,” Greg persisted with letters and phone calls even having other people e mail and make recommendations as an additional effort to effect change for he and his wife. Coming to the end of his term Greg and his wife were looking at being separated as Greg pleaded to let them out together. Fortunately an act of God’s compassion shined and they were allowed to be released and reunited.

 The day they were free, together Greg and his wife continued the initiative to seek change and to the OCRM they went. Thankfully Doug was open to receive them the moment they arrived and the meeting went well, but they were still facing the streets until entering the mission was possible, “Where are you gonna be next week?” Doug asked. “I don’t know where I’m going to be tonight.” Greg replied. That same day only hours later Greg called again doing anything in his power to make things happen, and this man’s struggles in darkness finally bore a lone light shining at the end of a long tunnel because Doug was getting them in the next morning. Today Greg wears an optimism he credits to the Lord, “We feel really blessed to be here.” There isn’t a doubt in my mind Greg and his wife will find complete restoration and create fortitude in a freedom without drugs, and a freedom to live life to the fullest thanks to God and all those who make the OCRM possible.   

written by : Chadly

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