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Growing up in an estranged, disconnected family scarred by alcoholism and domestic violence led Esteban to search for belonging.


God’s wonder-working power and your generosity turned Esteban’s life around!

Growing up in an estranged, disconnected family scarred by alcoholism and domestic violence led Esteban to search for belonging with a crowd who gave acceptance easily — just so long that he joined them in getting high. Finally having a place where he belonged felt worth the risk to Esteban. But pretty soon, addiction ruled his life. “My whole world was meth,” he says. “Part of me forgot all the dreams I had as a kid. And drugs made me feel good.”

Esteban’s adolescent and early adult years were a blur of DUIs, jail time, and homelessness, marked by failed attempts at sobriety and working odd jobs just long enough to support his addiction.

“I didn’t have a place to go at the end of the day,” says Esteban. “I felt like I was in survival mode. It was tiring to not have four walls to cover and protect you.”

Esteban felt like if he died on the streets, it wouldn’t matter.

During his last jail stint, someone gave Esteban a Bible. He found his pain and suffering resonated perfectly with the Psalms. God began to stir hope in Esteban’s heart, and he searched for a program upon his release in June 2020. But COVID-19 locked the world down.

Esteban was turned away by every program and shelter. “I felt like my situation would never change,” he says. “There was no way for me to restart.” Thankfully, Esteban found the Rescue Mission, which remained open throughout the entire pandemic.

When Esteban first joined the Rescue Mission’s Double R Ranch program, he struggled with discipline and structure. But once he met his horse, Rose, everything changed. Esteban began looking forward to those early mornings when he could feed and care for Rose. “I learned how to take care of myself by taking care of a horse,” he says.

Being out in nature began healing the hurt and pain Esteban had pent up inside him. With every new opportunity, Esteban realized his untapped, God-given potential. Slowly, he began recovering all his lost hopes and dreams he’d left behind in his childhood.

Today, Esteban has over two years of sobriety, has run two half-marathons, serves at his church, and is stably employed. He plans to go to college to become a paralegal, and he hopes his bilingual skills will help others.

Reflecting on his old life, Esteban is in awe. “I left jail not knowing where I was going to sleep that night. Two years later, I have dreams and goals, and I can see them being accomplished. I know God will continue to do wonders in my life.”

Esteban was ready to give up. But your generosity opened doors of opportunity for him to rebuild his life. Your gift today will show other struggling men and women that Jesus Christ wants to restore their lives here at the Rescue Mission!

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