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Two years ago, Edmme thought her life was over. Finally off probation and off parole, she was in “a very dark
place” — so dark that she contemplated suicide. This Christmas she will mark this season with new joy in her heart. The reason: your gifts made it possible for Edmme, and her son, Nathaniel, to come to the Rescue Mission. “This place has completely changed my life!” she says, almost giddy. Ironically, it was a misdialed call that started Edmme down the road to freedom. Fifteen months ago, she meant to dial her drug connection — and
accidentally dialed her probation officer. “You know you need help,” her probation officer told
her. “I know,” she replied. “I’m hurting and I don’t know what to do.” It was he who suggested she visit our
Rescue Mission. Two days later, she was in. Without having to worry about where her next meal was coming from, or where she and Nathaniel would sleep that night, Edmme began to focus on getting well. Bible studies.
Counseling. Job preparedness. Edmme has now found employment . . . and can’t wait for the holidays to arrive. “It’s so much easier now for me to be a woman, a mom, and a believer,” she says, still amazed at how far she’s come. To those like you who made it possible, she simply says, “Thank you!”

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