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“Miracles walking around”

For Doug, every day confirms that God is at work at the Rescue Mission — through your generosity and His grace.

Looking back at his early years, Doug says, “It was hardto find my identity.” So, he went “gung ho” into the lifestyle he wanted: skateboarding, surfing, and hanging out at the beach. That same determination set the tone for him later in life. He was self-reliant, increasingly confident about the future, and dead set on getting the things he cared about.

As he matured, Doug worked hard — first in the restaurant business, then later in property

management and real estate development. He made a good living, got married, and plowed ahead to achieve his dreams.

But then, a serious injury on the job at age 28 resulted in several lengthy hospital stays. “I went through skin grafting and intestinal operations,” he says. “For a good year, I was in and out of the hospital. The pain pulled Doug into an on-and-off-again addiction to painkillers that would follow him his whole life.


Healed from his injuries and eager to prove himself, Doug hit the ground running.

Even though the economy was in a recession, he bet against the prevailing wisdom, accumulating rental properties, doing real estate deals, and building a thriving business. He and his wife also started a family. “Everything went really well,” says Doug. “But I worked 24/7.”

Then came the crisis that changed everything. His past injuries flared up again. Rushed to the hospital in excruciating pain, he was minutes from death with an intestinal blockage.

Doctors were able to save Doug. But that was the tipping point. All the years of stressful work to build his business finally came crashing down.

“I was burned out, away from my family, fighting a spiritual battle,” he says. “I couldn’t do it anymore.”

Feeling trapped, Doug turned to drugs again. For two years, he
was able to hide his addiction. But the truth came out. The backlash from his personal and

business mistakes — all fueled by drug use — was devastating.

Doug was jailed, his wife filed a restraining order, and his children refused to speak to him. “I was distraught, often living on the street, and suicidal.”

After failed attempts to get clean and solve his problems, Doug tried to kill himself. He set fire to the van he lived in, lay down in the back, and closed his eyes. “The next thing I know, I was in the hospital,” he says.

Finally realizing how far he’d fallen, Doug agreed to allow his brother-in- law to help him come to the Rescue Mission. He has been with us for a year now, rebuilding his life.

Since joining us, Doug has found salvation in Jesus Christ, lasting sobriety, and ways to contribute his skills in facilities management here at the Rescue Mission. He says, “I gave everything up to God. Now I understand why I’m here.”

In the past year, Doug has been able to reconcile with his family and develop the deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ he’ll need to keep moving forward. “I’ve seen both sides of the street,” he says. “There’s a spiritual battle with evil on the other side.”

As Doug considers all of the blessings he has experienced at the Rescue Mission, he wants
to share his gratitude with you. “The donors’ financial support is a phenomenal investment in me and the community. I see miracles walking around this place every day.”

“So many cool things are tied together. It’s not coincidence. It’s all God.” – Doug

Your support has provided Doug with everything he has needed to get his life back.

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