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Devin & Jody



Devin and Jody know how low life can be tough. But because of you and others like you, Devin and Jody also know that miracles still happen. This is their story — a true Easter story of lives redeemed. It begins on a street corner six years ago, during an anything-but-happy holiday. Just having enough to buy food for his wife and little girl would have made Devin’s day back then. But he had no job and no prospects. He told himself it was for his daughter’s Christmas, but the truth is that most of the money he made by “flying a sign” went to staying alive. So the three of them were there on the corner again, huddled together against the rain, hoping the strangers passing by would be kind. Some were. A few prayed with them. There was the odd night when Devin could scrape together enough to take his family to a motel. But more often than not, night found Devin’s little family sleeping in their truck or a filthy shelter.

Until, by God’s grace, you gave them a home at the Rescue Mission. “When Doug took us to our room, we cried,” Jody says. “Passing through those gates, I thought we had stepped into an oasis.” Safe from the streets, where she could never shake the feeling that her daughter “could be living next to a mass murderer,” Jody says they were finally able to heal as a family. They were finally free, getting the expert help they needed. They were finally able to really live. The change has been dramatic. “Since coming here, my husband has done a one-eighty,” Jody relates, adding that he is becoming the man — and the provider — she always knew he could be. Having him back, as if from the dead, has only strengthened her belief that, “With God, all things are possible.” And on Easter Sunday, as she celebrates the risen Lord Jesus, she will also be celebrating the new life He gave to her family. Thank you so much for being part of the story. Your support during this Season of Miracles has made new life possible for so many broken families, and hurting individuals, too. Celebrate with them this Easter!


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