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David went through a divorce, lost his job, quit taking drugs and had no money. He ended up on the streets, sobering up and staying in shelters some nights to get out of the winter rain.

He slept in dangerous alleys and even ate out of a trash dumpster once when he was really desperate for food.

“I was totally burned out on life,” says David. “I had given up all hope — I needed God.”

And then he heard about the Orange County Rescue Mission.

After spending a cold, rainy night freezing on the streets, David prayed and asked God to help him. Within a week, David had a place to stay at the Rescue Mission.

“Spiritual nutrition and guidance are the most beneficial things that have helped me get back on my feet,” says David. He’s grateful for the chance to begin a new life, free from addiction, and looks forward to giving back what he’s received here.

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