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It’s hard to believe that a short time ago, Jonathan was falling behind in school. Since living at the Rescue Mission, his last school year was one of his best. He was at the top of his class for math and spelling.

Jonathan has grown spiritually as well. He is being mentored by men at church, and has matured so much in his faith that his pastor noticed and invited him to join a class of older boys. Today, Jonathan is growing as a peer leader and recently led a Bible study on Psalm 139:13.

Christina, Jonathan’s mom, is so proud of her son. For his growth. For his stability. Most of all, she is thankful for the time they’ve had to be together.

Not long ago, the only thing on Christina’s mind was: Why can’t I just catch a break?

A broken marriage had left her reeling with sudden loss, and feelings of rejection and abandonment. Not to mention the stress of being a single mom and trying to finish school.  Christina’s fragile mental and emotional health was pushed over the edge. More and more, she felt herself sinking into depression.

Then she lost her job. She managed to find a temporary living situation at a friend’s but . . .That’s when the darkness finally closed in.

So Christina called Orange County Rescue Mission. “I knew this was my chance to give my all,” she says.  At the Mission, Christina received therapy and health care to address her depression and help her build confidence.
With vocational training from the Rescue Mission’s Success Center, she became re-certified as a medical interpreter, and hopes to land a full-time job in the fall.

Today, Christina and Jonathan are closer than ever. Jonathan is excited about taking a robotics class.  And Christina is so thankful to have overcome her mental health issues so she can focus on being the mother her son needs.

Thanks to you, Christina found the courage to fight her way out of depression to give her son a better life.  Thank you for your faithful support!

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