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When Cesia was six years old, her father abandoned the family. Cesia’s mother struggled to care for her children and was unable to find a stable place for her family to live.


When Cesia was six years old, her father abandoned their family. Cesia’s mother did everything she could to care for her children, often working three jobs at a time. But she could not find a stable place for her family to live. Although Cesia was hungry, she helped her mother as best she could by caring for her younger siblings. But this was no life for any child.

Cesia’s older sister had found the stability and refuge she needed at Hope Harbor Sea Glass. She was waiting to welcome Cesia with open arms as soon as Cesia was old enough to move in, herself. At Sea Glass, Cesia was instantly at peace, knowing she would have three meals a day and a roof over her head.

“Having a family is so important to me. I value my relationship with my mom and siblings. Being at Sea Glass and having counseling and support to make sure I do well in my life has only strengthened my relationship with my own family. Donna and the girls I live with are an addition to my family. Here, no one judges me on my past of having nothing.”

Having a permanent address made way for Cesia to return to school. She is in her sophomore year and is getting good grades, and she joined the soccer team. She was especially enthusiastic about her World History class. Good friends are now part of her life. Every Sunday, she goes to church with the other Sea Glass girls and thoroughly enjoys youth group with weekly gatherings, summer camps, and barbecues with girls her age.

“I have opportunities for my future because I now have a foundation to build on.”

She sees her future as a graduate from high school, and she looks forward to going to college. Also important to her is being in a growing relationship with her heavenly Father, who never abandoned her. Cesia is so thankful for the stability and peace that God has provided for her.

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