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A turnaround story of Biblical proportions!

Asia’s life is an Easter miracle!People used to say Asia was one of those teenagers. She started using drugs at 12, tried heroin at 14, and always seemed to be in trouble. Overdosed, arrested — you name it and it happened to her. But after getting out of jail — again! — Asia came to the Orange County Rescue Mission.

“Usually I come out of jail with parole or drugs or people hanging over my head,” she says. “But this place is different. It really helps you start over.”

Asia’s life change has been nothing short of an Easter miracle! “My Mom had an alarm system put in our house to keep me out,” she explains. “But I’ve repaired my relationship with her and now I even have a key! And because I’m in a long-term program, I’m developing real relationships for the first time. It’s humbling and hard.” She continues, “The Mission gives me something that’s unfailing and won’t let me down — I’ve never had that before.

“This Easter, please pray that Asia will experience Christ’s resurrection and renewal. And please send a gift to rescue more people like her who need physical and spiritual redemption!

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