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When Amanda discovered her husband of seven years was doing meth, she gave him an ultimatum.

“You have to go or the drugs have to go,” she told him firmly.

Much to her amazement, he chose his drug habit over his marriage.

“OK, I’ll just go start a new family,” he said casually — and walked out on Amanda and their two children.

Amanda was stunned. She hadn’t worked in years, having always depended on her husband to pay the bills. She was terrified by the thought of having to make it on her own.

In fact, the very thought made her burst into tears. So you can imagine her relief when a spot opened up at the Orange County Rescue Mission, thanks to friends like you.

“This place doesn’t feel like a homeless shelter,” she says. “It feels more like home. I have so much support. My kids have made new friends. I feel very blessed to be here.”

Since coming to the Rescue Mission last November, Amanda says she’s learned a lot about relationships, boundaries, and perhaps most important, about how much God loves her.

“When I was down, the Rescue Mission gave me hope,” she says.

“I’ve since learned the only thing you can depend on is God. As long as I focus on Him, I can still have joy — no matter what’s happening.”

As for her future, she says she pictures herself as a school counselor.

“That’s where my heart is,” she says. “I know the Lord will provide.”

Your gifts pull people out of all sorts of dire situations, and set their feet on the path to new life.

Thank you for giving Amanda and others the chance to make a fresh start.

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