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Orange County Rescue Mission Services


Comprehensive Services

Through our network of campuses, programs, and comprehensive services, people receive the support and resources to find healing, restoration, and reach their full potential.
  • trust in christ
    Faith In Jesus Christ
    New life is possible through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. A relationship with Jesus Christ is woven into everyday life and is the foundation of each Orange County Rescue Mission program.
  • Meals
    Nutritious food is provided to residents throughout each and every day. And, food is distributed to people in need in Orange County through the outreach team and various food pantries.
  • shelter
    Shelter is provided to program residents, including single adults, single parents, married couples, intact families veterans, and teens. Village of Hope shelters intact families and is inclusive of both men and women.
  • career
    Career Placement
    Residents are prepared for long term employment goals, to be able to continue to grow in financial sustainability beyond their time in our programs.
  • sobriety
    Providing a sober living environment and the support to maintain sobriety from addictions and substance abuse are integrated into every program.
  • clothing
    Clothing for the whole family is provided through clothing donations from the Orange County community.
  • medical
    Medical care, including dental, vision and mental health, is provided to residents through Hurtt Family Health Clinic.
  • counseling
    Counseling is available to help overcome the detrimental effects of traumatic life experiences, negative thought patterns, and overwhelming emotions.
  • legal
    Trinity Law Clinic provides legal counsel to help residents meet any legal obligations from past judgments, clear their records, and navigate proceedings in family court.
  • life skills
    Life Skills
    Training in basic life skills, such as time management and communication, equips residents with the skills they need to successfully manage their personal lives and minimize repeating the mistakes from the past.
  • education
    For adults who dropped out of high school, completing their high school diploma or equivalency not only helps to fill in the gaps of their academic skills, but it also prepares them for better employment opportunities with higher wages.
  • financial literacy
    Financial Literacy
    Money management is a necessary skill for residents. Training and coaching are provided to ensure that they are prepared to move on to financial self-sufficiency.
  • financial literacy
    Vocational Training
    Employability issues are addressed with hands-on skill training, job search intensive trainings, continuing education with the support of our educational partners, and collaborating with local employers.
  • career
    Career Placement
    Residents are prepared for long term employment goals, to be able to continue to grow in financial sustainability beyond their time in our programs.
  • community
    Life transformation happens in the context of healthy relationships. Residents become like family to one another, and the staff go above and beyond to be a source of love and encouragement.
  • outreach vector
    The homeless need to know about the opportunities available to them. The outreach teams go out into the community where homeless people live, to give care and the opportunity to receive a hand up out of homelessness.