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"I'm like a new person"

Debi nearly lost her life on the streets, but God had a different plan for her.

Debi is someone you might have seen hanging out at the local laundromat.

She might have offered to do your laundry in exchange for a few dollars. It was one way she could earn money so she could eat.

This wasn't the life Debi had imagined for herself, but she had learned there were no guarantees in life. After 23 years, her relationship with her boyfriend had ended, and he took everything with him. Debi was left with nothing. No money and no car to get to work. And then no job and no home.

So "home" became a dock in the back alley of a strip mall.

Though she managed to survive, her unstable lifestyle and lack of nutritious food took a toll on her health.

"I ended up so depressed and malnourished," Debi recalls. "My weight had dropped to 82 pounds and I could hardly walk. The doctors later told me they were surprised I hadn't had a heart attack."

After her stay in the hospital and still homeless, Debi's health deteriorated further. She became so weak she had to crawl to get around. That's when she realized she had hit rock bottom.

In her despair, she cried out to God: If You're real, You have to help me out. I don't know where to go or what to do.

A prayer answered!

That's when an Orange County Rescue Mission outreach worker first encountered her. The first thing he did was bring her to a hospital. Then he brought her to the Mission.

Over time, Debi's health improved dramatically. With proper nutrition and regular meals, Debi steadily gained weight. But the changes went far beyond her physical health. At the Mission, Debi also found spiritual healing, and now knows that with God's help, she can take care of herself.

"My faith has changed," she says. "Now I do outreach and go to church. It makes a huge difference in my life. It brings me joy."

She tells everyone she meets her story. "I make sure they know I'm a resident. Whoever I meet, I want them to know this place is a godsend to me. My life now is happier than I've been in a long time. I'm like a new person."

Your compassion helped Debi find the courage and support to rebuild her life. Thank you for transforming lives through God's love.

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