Homeless and a baby on the way...

You can give people like James and Sarah hope to start a new life.

It seemed like everywhere they went, substance abuse followed them.

Though past heartache had set them on the path to addiction, James and Sarah were trying their best to get clean.

They applied to a back-to-work program, but never got in. With nowhere to live, a friend offered to let them stay with him, but he was also trapped in addiction. They would take two steps forward, and then take one step back.

"We were going from one bad situation to another," says Sarah.

Just barely surviving

As James and Sarah's lives became more unstable, they ended up bouncing around, living in motels, their car and on friends' living room couches.

They worked part-time and odd jobs, but were just barely surviving. Their situation soon turned desperate.

Sarah says, "I remember being so hungry one time, I ate a sandwich at a store because I was afraid to leave with it. I ate it walking up and down the aisles."

Then Sarah discovered she was pregnant.

Rescue more hurting people on the streets this summer

Every $1.48 will provide a meal and help save a life this summer.


Your gift of $1.48 will provide a meal and save a life this summer.


Help for homeless neighbors urgently needed

This summer in Orange County, more homeless neighbors are making their home on the streets, and Orange County Rescue Mission plans to be a source of hope.

At the Mission, we are committed to offering an opportunity for a new life to everyone who wants the chance to start over. At this time, we've set a goal to increase our capacity to serve 70 more individuals and help get more people off the streets for good.

Without the Mission, many would have nowhere else to go. That's why your support is so important right now.

How your gift can help

"We couldn't have a baby and not have a place to stay," says Sarah. "We were losing hope..."

When they arrived at the Mission, James and Sarah were overwhelmed that people really cared about them.

"I was never used to people caring," says James. "I would never allow people to get close to me. Once I surrendered and gave this whole thing a try, it's been a blessing. This place saved my life."

A few weeks later, James and Sarah's daughter was born.

Today, the smiles on their faces speak volumes. The counseling, classes and work program at the Mission have helped heal their wounded spirits and given them hope for a new life with their daughter.

James and Sarah have now graduated from the program, and both are working at full-time jobs.

"We are finally safe," shares Sarah. "My daughter won't have to experience the instability we had put ourselves through."

Today, homelessness in Orange County is reaching crisis levels. Your support today will help end homelessness, one precious life at a time. Will you give a generous gift today? So many lives are depending on YOU!

here's why your gift matters!

“I used to think about do I buy bread or milk, what do we need more? Not to have to worry about that is huge.”

— Kelly

“I was living in a riverbed. Now I'm accomplishing things. I'm going somewhere. I'm not stuck anymore.”

— Lindsay

“I am thankful for my family, sobriety and for this program giving me the life I have now.”

— Sarah

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