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Urgent: $6,800 needed by May 31st to care for homeless veterans

In Orange County, at least 4,500 veterans are on waiting lists for affordable housing and 6,048 are unemployed at any one time. The new Tustin Veterans Outpost transitional housing complex will help homeless veterans find stability again.

The biggest challenges

Without a permanent address, many veterans are unable to access resources that could help them get back on their feet. Many are wounded. Facing mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress and depression.

Without adequate help, these men and women who have fought for our freedom end up on the streets.

“I was so strong for so many years...[but now] I couldn’t even walk 10 feet without pain. [I thought] Lord, I’m just going to walk in front of a bus...”
— David

Help them know they’re not alone

Those who have served in our military form close bonds with each other that are hard to replicate when they return to civilian life. Many times they feel isolated and build walls around themselves.

Many vets feel most comfortable in a community of other vets who have gone through similar experiences.

“Twenty-two vets a day commit suicide...it’s because we’re not connected. To nothing. You isolate and you internalize. Satan eats you alive...”
— David

New transitional housing helps vets rebuild their lives

At the Orange County Rescue Mission, we have seen the needs of homeless veterans firsthand and know the unique challenges they face. Our goal is to give them a hand up as they transition back to civilian life. That’s why our newly renovated Tustin Veterans Outpost is dedicated to serving the needs of this special group.

The new veterans transitional housing complex will house up to 32 formerly homeless veterans.

The newly renovated housing complex will provide a community for veterans to live with other vets who have gone through similar experiences.

Veterans will live in apartment-style housing while they work toward rehabilitation at the nearby Village of Hope.

Work began on the new veterans transitional housing complex in August 2015. The facility is expected to open in May 2016.

How you can help

Right now, you can help the Tustin Veterans Outpost get up and running. Your gift today will help cover the $22,011 for one  month of operation. That's just $26 a day to give a hand up to a veteran.

This one-of-a-kind facility will house veterans. And, services like counseling and case management will be specific to the unique needs of veterans. And they will have access to services at nearby Village of Hope.

Your support is critical to making our new guests feel at home in this new transitional housing complex, so they can go on to restore and rebuild their lives.

Please give a generous gift now and show veterans you care!