DOUBLE your gift...
before it’s too late! Give by midnight, Dec. 31, to have your gift DOUBLED.

DOUBLE your gift...
before it’s too late! Give by midnight, Dec. 31, to have your gift DOUBLED.

Help serve more hope today!


Thanks to you, hurting and hungry neighbors in Orange County are taking steps to put their lives back together. Please do what you can to serve more hope today, one meal at a time.

The Mission's partnership in an innovative Belltown young adult emergency shelter means NEW HOPE FOR TEENS AND YOUNG PEOPLE

So many young people on the streets

You’ve probably noticed it.  There are more young people than ever on the streets.

By one count, about 800 youth and young adults in King County are unsheltered at night.

Seattle’s streets are no place for these kids, most of whom range in age from as young as 10 up to their early 20s.  They’re at risk of being pulled into all kinds of danger — gang activity, drug use or sales, even prostitution.


Family trouble pushes kids into homelessness

The primary reason:  trouble at home.  Most are running from neglect, abuse or even violence at home.  In other cases, poverty splits up their family and forces some members to move out and fend for themselves.

Perhaps worst of all, about one in four comes out of the foster care system.  They’ve either “aged out,” or run away from their foster families.

And that’s why the Mission is taking steps right now to help homeless youth and young adults.


New shelter for youth now open in Belltown

The Mission, in partnership with the New Horizons ministry, has just opened a youth and young adult emergency shelter in Belltown. The overnight shelter has 30 beds, as well as access to laundry, showers, computers, clothing, and meals.

Our goal is to do more than just meet basic needs. We want to surround them with people who care, then invite them to take steps toward getting off the street.

Each $12.22 you give by June XX will be DOUBLED to provide TWO nights of shelter, food, and care.


More than a meal...

For someone who is struggling through hard times, the hope that things will ever change can seem very far away. Getting the chance to begin a brand-new life at the Mission means everything to them. It starts with a meal, but leads to so much more. That’s what Serving Hope is all about.

“I lived in my car, looked for jobs, eating fast food. I was glad to be sitting with my wife and son [at the Mission]. I didn’t have to stress about when they were going to eat.”
— David

“The longest I went hungry was six days. I didn’t pay attention to it until I felt like passing out. There’s no words to express my thanks and appreciation. You saved my life.”
— Victor

“The first time my kids and I had our own room, that was a blessing. I’m just blessed to be here. I have clothes, food, a roof over my head . . . I get to be stable.”
— Chantel

Time is running out!

Give by midnight, Dec. 31, to have your gift DOUBLED.