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$2.21 provides a meal and opens the door to a new life

We help people overcome homelessness and become financially self-sufficient.

Our faith-based, life-transformation program provides on-campus housing, basic needs, and comprehensive services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Your generous financial support has empowered the many positive outcomes we’ve seen over 25+ years.

When you give, you’ll help us deliver the following Summer to Remember programming:

CONTINUING EDUCATION: Children coming from unstable home situations often fall behind in school. We provide additional support to bridge the educational gap. Our dedicated staff conducts daily activities to foster their learning and academic advancement.

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FAMILY CAMP: Family unity is crucial, and we want to strengthen those bonds. Later in July, families at the Rescue Mission will have the opportunity to go on an overnight trip to our new Double R Ranch in Silverado Canyon. Family camp will allow them to enjoy each other's company, build precious memories and form stronger bonds.

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FUN OUTINGS: While still focusing on education, we want the children to enjoy every moment of summer. We have exciting trips planned to places like Knott's Berry Farm, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, the Discovery Cube, and more. These outings are new and unique experiences for them! You can help create memories to last a lifetime.

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