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El Modena


The Orange County Rescue Mission’s Hope Family Housing Program is designed to provide a final phase of transition for homeless men, women and children in large families. The primary focus of the program is to provide an environment of independent living with supportive services over a six month to two year period.

Residents will pay a monthly program fee on a sliding scale with an approximate range of $490 to $1,720 a month to cover operational costs. Eligibility will be determined at the time of referral and will include employment and maximum income qualifications. Residents will need to follow the Orange County Rescue Missions faith based high standards for conduct, safety and programmatic success.

The process for transition will take into account factors that led to the Resident’s inability to live independently including; financial, parenting, educational, relational, vocational, addiction, and other issues. A combination of (1) assessing and remedying faults/weaknesses and (2) building strengths through identifying and meeting real-world expectations will be implemented.

Residents will be directed and equipped to begin planning from the outset of their residency in the Program to transition from a moderately-to-very “dependent” setting (the Program) to a setting characterized by independent living. This process will be outlined to the Residents as a part of their application process and as a requirement of their acceptance into the Program. The measurable outcome for the residents will be independent self-sufficient living without the use of welfare.

This project is a great step forward in providing additional affordable housing stock to Orange County’s inventory. These six homes are configured as three duplexes built in 1990 by HomeAid Orange County and are located within the community of El Modena in the City of Orange. Each home has a kitchen, dining room, three bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry room, and a two car attached garage. In addition there is a spacious backyard play area for children.

An on-site OCRM staff person will provide accountability, safety oversight, and coordination of OCRM resources to facilitate a successful independent living program for homeless men, women and children. Many thanks to all those who are, and continue to be, sympathetic to the plight of the homeless. May God bless you as you help families like these enjoy the life God intended for them to live.