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Double R Ranch Questions and Answers


Your Questions, Answered

Over the last few days, we have received a large number of calls and have read a large volume of items on social media that focus on our new Double R Ranch in Silverado. In order to set the record straight, and more importantly, bring peace to the process, we have taken the questions that we have received and written solid responses to each of them.

Will your operation at Double R Ranch endanger my family?

No. The focus of activities are religious, education, and restoration, using animal husbandry and agriculture, operated in a closed and safe environment.

How do I know that you will be a good neighbor?

Our goal is to be a GREAT neighbor, as we have been in all of our locations. We encourage you to call the Chief of Police in any of the communities that we operate.

Is Double R Ranch a homeless shelter operation?

No. It is not a homeless shelter.

Are you running a rehabilitation center at the ranch?

No. We are not, and do not, have plans to operate a rehabilitation program at the ranch.

Will the Double R Ranch lower my home value?

No. Our experience over the last 56 years is that wherever we open a facility, the value of nearby properties increases. This is, in part, due to our commitment to create beautiful, sacred spaces.

Is your goal to move your Double R Ranch experience in Warner Springs to the St. Michael’s Abbey property?

Yes. Our goal is to operate our ranch in Orange County and sell our ranch in Warner Springs.

Will Double R Ranch be using the facility in the same way that St. Michael’s Abbey operated?

Yes. Double R Ranch will be using the facility for education, housing, and religious activities, which are prescriptively permitted uses for the property.

Who can access the Double R Ranch?

Double R Ranch is a faith-based, educational opportunity by invitation only for those needing a safe place to heal, learn, and start a new life through a discipleship program, with farming and animal husbandry education. Double R will serve men, women, and children, with an emphasis on veterans and their families.

Are those living at Double R Ranch allowed to come and go as they please?

No. It is a private ranch and access and egress is monitored 24 hours a day.

Will you continue the practice of chapel services onsite?

Yes. We will continue the practice of religious services in the chapel in a private format.

Will Double R Ranch continue to provide educational programs onsite?

Yes. We will continue private onsite education programs.

What kind of security will you have?

We currently operate access control through a locked front gate. We anticipate installing 50 high-definition video cameras that are monitored 24/7. In addition, we have safety staff living onsite.

Did the monks at St. Michael’s Abbey raise animals and farm on the land?

Yes. They raised chickens, goats, pigs, and cattle. They also farmed olive trees.

Does Double R Ranch intend to raise animals and farm the land?

Yes. We intend to raise chickens, turkeys, goats, and horses, and farm the land. In the near future, we hope to begin planting fruit trees that will fill the hillside and beautify the community even further.

Do you plan on constructing new buildings on the property?


I read that you used taxpayer and government bond funds to buy the property. Is this accurate?

No. We did not use any government or taxpayer funds to buy the property. The County of Orange did at one time approve the issuance of a bond, but we did not want to borrow any money through the bond. We wanted to be debt free and not have to service a bond loan.

Is your organization funded by taxpayer money on an ongoing basis?

No. We operate entirely through private donations. We do not receive revenue from the local, state, or federal government.

Some of my neighbors really dislike the Abbey bell being rung so early in the morning. Will you be ringing it?

No. We stopped the practice of ringing the bell early in the morning, as we were told that the adjacent neighborhood objected to it. Again, we want to be a GREAT neighbor.

I read that all your housing facilities are operated in a sober environment. Is that correct?

Yes. We have a “no tolerance” policy and require sobriety for health and safety.

I noticed that there are a lot of positive comments defending your organization. Are those people paid by you or on your payroll?

No, they are not paid by us or on our payroll. We have been operating in Orange County for 56 years and have an outstanding reputation. We are thankful for all the positive comments.

I have additional questions

For additional information or questions you might have, you can email or call the ranch at (714) 441-8058.