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You’re Invited to Hurtt Family Health Clinic Anaheim Open House!


Just last week, the Anaheim City Council declared a state of emergency in regards to the growing homeless population. It is no secret that homeless and low-income populations are on the rise, and often these populations lack access to basic necessities such as adequate medical care.

Since 2000, the Orange County Rescue Mission has provided free medical care to the homeless through a converted mobile home at various sites throughout Orange County. This grew into an organization called Hurtt Family Health Clinic that has expanded over the years to include several fixed-site clinic locations as well.

This month, the Hurtt Family Health Clinic has opened a third, fixed-site clinic in the city of Anaheim! This clinic will bring the Hurtt Family Health Clinic’s mission of providing all-encompassing care and treatment options to homeless and low-income families and individuals to Anaheim, a community in great need.

To celebrate this exciting event, the Hurtt Family Health Clinic will be hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house on Friday, September 29th. I would like to extend to you an invitation as well as share some of the heart behind the Hurtt Family Health clinic and this event:

Why are we opening a new clinic? Our goal is to serve families in need throughout Orange County and this new clinic will allow us to expand care to the Anaheim area, a largely under-served geographic area. We hope to continue to connect homeless and individuals with chronic care issues to on-going primary care.

Why are we celebrating with an opening? Because it is truly a reason to celebrate! The Hurtt Family Health Clinic aims to impact the Anaheim community by improving health outcomes for low-income and homeless populations. In addition, we will be able broaden our outreaches to serve communities in need of primary medical care and mental health services. Even more lives will be touched through this new clinic.

Why should you attend? You should join us to learn more about the wide variety of affordable services that Hurtt Family Health Clinic provides, including primary medical care, behavioral health, and counseling. You can also tour our brand new facility and meet with our staff. If you are in the medical care field, you can find out more about how to refer patients for clinic services.

This is an important milestone not only for the Hurtt Family Health Clinic, but for the Anaheim community, as we work together to serve the Least, the Last, and the Lost in this area. We look forward to having you join us as we celebrate this moment!

Please click here to RSVP. For more information about the Hurtt Family Health Clinic, please call (714) 247-0300.

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