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You Change Lives


Not everyone can say they’re changing the world, but you can.

Because of your partnership with the Orange County & Inland Empire Rescue Mission’s last year, there are hundreds of men, women and children in our community who will never be the same. You helped lead them from homelessness to hope. And I’m hoping we can count on you to stand with us again in 2014. You see, times have not gotten better for the most vulnerable among us. All across Orange County and the Inland Empire, and too close to where you live, people are hurting . . . struggling to meet even their most basic needs.
It’s for their sake that I ask you to be part of changing lives again. Like last year, when friends like you helped fight hunger and homelessness by providing meals for our hungry neighbors, nights of safe shelter for those who had none,  medical or dental exams and procedures.

2014 Renewal

That’s an amazing impact. But 2014 is bringing new challenges. I’m especially concerned that thousands of hardworking families are still trapped in poverty because they can’t find affordable housing, reasonably priced health care or training for the good jobs they need. And this is heartbreaking — if you are a veteran living in Orange County, your chances of standing in the unemployment line are double what they are for everyone else

The good news is that the Rescue Mission is tackling these problems head‑on. And with your help in 2014, we can:
1) GIVE ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE through our medical clinic and mobile medical units. And that could save lives, because too many families can’t even afford to take their kids to the doctor for simple things like checkups and vaccinations.
2) PROVIDE AN ESCAPE FROM DANGEROUS STREETS through Hope Family Housing. Last year, this remarkable outreach gave hope and refuge to families, but we need to expand it.
3) OFFER JOB-SKILLS TRAINING at Double R Ranch for our neighbors who have been searching for months and still can’t find steady employment — especially homeless veterans.

Won’t you reach out to our hurting neighbors today?
God’s Word tells us that “. . . if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.” I don’t know about you, but I want to shine. Because so many in our community need the light . . . desperately.

That’s why I hope you will renew your partnership today. You can do this by visiting our donate page for a one time gift or scheduling monthly giving  HERE.

Yours in Christ,
Jim Palmer

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