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You Belong


These are the kind of letters that I love receiving.

I am reminded by Stephanie’s story, that there are no coincidences in our lives. This testimony encourages me that another family has found a place of hope and belonging.

CAM Corona
Family Harvest Festival in Corona

Hi my name is Stephanie. Last night my husband Dana and I were on our way to Target to get something last minute and passed by your trunk or treat. The kids were already dressed so on the way back we stopped by. Words cannot express how overcome we were by the feeling of acceptance. My husband and I come from Christian backgrounds but so far in our life together have not found a church that “fits us”. We raise our children to be good people and to always help others . It is huge in our home to treat others as you would want to be treated. Charity is a very big part of my families practices we help whenever we can and make it a lesson to our kids that we might not have everything we want but we definitely have everything we need and we are truly fortunate. Last night after leaving your event I went on line and researched your church. Me and my husband are truly inspired and think you guys may be the sense of community that we have been missing in our lives. You all seemed to be LOVING…ACCEPTING…and GIVING. These are all key things in our lives. We will be coming to the preview service on 11-10 and are hoping that we can be as great a fit that you seem to be for us….. On a completely different note I work at a local assisted living and am always having families donate clothes and furniture of their passed loved ones. These are gently used clothes ,shoes, blankets and even furniture. If these are things that could be useful I would love to be able to donate them. Please feel free to contact me if this is something you can use.



This could be your story too! 

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CAM Corona

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