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Where Chad is heading …


Chad enjoying serving at Double R Ranch

In Chad’s own words:  From stone to flesh.  I’d be lying if I said it was easy, but it would be a lie if I said it was hard.  I have never felt happier or more accomplished, and all I have really done is come to know God.  Yeah, I do some work and get along with others, but they were not my obstacles.My obstacle was on a very personal level; I hated myself.  Guilt and pity were my obstacles and now that I walk with the life of God, mirrors don’t bother me anymore, or the past.  What’s done is done, what I will do is what is important.

The next step, well, I always figured work and school were the only options, as far as becoming self-sufficient and productive goes.  My spiritual goals are a little more top priority though.  Of course, learning and working are important, even on some spiritual levels, but they aren’t what I pray about.

Chad Carvaly supervising a youth program member

I have done wrong to people, very close and good people.  Making amends isn’t on my “to do” list, it’s on my “MUST DO” list.  Reuniting with my family and making it up to some friends and their families that I had taken advantage of and even worse, for granted.  I don’t expect any of them to be a quick-fix, nor do I expect them to accept my apologies or redemptive gestures.  That’s not the reason I want to make amends.  It’s because making amends is right in God’s eyes.

Lastly, I would like to get involved with volunteer services, such as homeless shelters or other things.  To be honest, I do not know what kinds of things I can volunteer for, I never had the interest. What has changed is my need to make a difference and share my story.  From rags to riches, and not the monetary kind either.  I’m rich in purpose now, whereas the old rag of self-absorbed misery has been gracefully tossed aside.  I will save a life, which was and is my original goal when I decided to come to the Double R and change.  By Chad Carvaly

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