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Wannida’s Story Part 1


I have always had a compassion for widows, the women unexpectedly facing a sometimes insurmountable loss. And yet, even more overwhelmed and broken are the women who choose to leave in order to save themselves and their children, because they are victims of domestic violence. These women, like Wannida, have become the faces of homelessness.

Here is Wannida’s story.

Wannida could only ask herself, why?

Wannida covered her ears, but she couldn’t block out the sounds.

Her dad’s voice, slurred and hostile. Her mom’s, timid and pleading. Then the sound of skin making hard contact with skin. Her mom’s sobs and shrieks.

Inside her head, Wannida was silently screaming, stop! Stop hurting my mother!

Behind the closed door, the sound of smacks and thuds continued until Wannida couldn’t hear anything more. She could only hope her mom had lost consciousness…

The only question Wannida could ask herself was, why?

Why was her dad so violent?

Why didn’t her mom stand up for herself?

Why couldn’t her dad control his drinking?

Why didn’t her mom just leave?

Wannida never did get any answers.

Then, years later, Wannida found herself married to a man with violent tendencies of his own. And just like her mom, she stayed. She forgave him. She hoped he would change.

But that was before that fateful night…

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