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Volunteer Spotlight


Our work is not about how much we accomplish but rather how much love we can invest in what we accomplish. We see this every day as lost men, women and children find their way through our doors. There restorative transformation is not about trying harder, but about being loved better.

Where we cannot neglect accomplishment and efficiency, we could not provide this extra measure of love without our caring and compassionate volunteers.

Miss Jacqueline Volunteer Spotlight
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Today we are honoring a very faithful volunteer; Jacqueline.

An outstanding individual who is fully invested in the work of the mission, for no other reason other than to love the least, the last and the lost. Her authentic compassion intercepts those who are tired and weary, heartbroken and weak as they call the Mission for their last resort.

Ms. Jacqueline is one one of those irreplaceable pieces of the Village of Hope that is critical in serving the least, the last and the lost at the Rescue Mission.

Thank you Ms. Jacqueline!


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