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Volunteer Spotlight: Kate Rossbacher


I would like to introduce you to another Orange County Rescue Mission superhero: Kate Rossbacher!

Kate dedicates more than 24 hours each week to volunteering in the kitchen at Orange County Rescue Mission, which provides more than 600 meals a day to the homeless! Kate works so diligently to help us in every capacity, whether it be serving food during dinner or washing dishes for more than 200 residents at the Village of Hope.

Some evenings when we have no other volunteers, you are guaranteed to find Kate alongside the kitchen staff, working hard. When Kate found out that some of the residents in our program needed help hemming their pants for job interviews, she took initiative and organized a sewing class in addition to her regular kitchen volunteer hours. She has been able to equip our residents with the practical skills they need to look their best when going on interviews.

You can also find Kate at almost every special event, especially graduation. Kate has such a big heart for our community that it is second nature for her to be here, serving at Orange County Rescue Mission.

We are so grateful for your dedication to the Rescue Mission, Kate!

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