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Volunteer Spotlight: Joy Statler


Today I would like to introduce you to another of the Rescue Mission’s superhero volunteers: Joy Statler!

Since 2010, Joy has been the Supervising Attorney of Trinity Law Clinic at Orange County Rescue Mission. The Trinity Law School partnered with the Rescue Mission in 2008 to create the Trinity Law Clinic. Joy and her team have made a valuable impact by providing pro-bono legal services to 1,095 people to date.

In addition to her personal career with a legal group and role as a professor at Trinity Law School, Joy has dedicated countless hours to helping the homeless men and women at Orange County Rescue Mission overcome legal obstacles that they never thought they could conquer.

Joy provides wisdom, practical knowledge and counsel to people in desperate need of hope and restoration, and want to set things right with the courts. From expunging records to custody cases, she helps guide our residents who face seemingly insurmountable odds. Facing mistakes from the past and resolving legal issues is often a fearful experience, but Joy helps residents address these issues with a calm demeanor and assurance that action can be taken.

Joy’s faithful commitment has contributed to work that leads to powerful life transformation.

Thank you for your service, Joy!

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