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Volunteer Spotlight: John Parrott


I would like to introduce you to another Orange County Rescue Mission Superhero: John Parrott!

John has a heart for teaching the Word of God! In 2016, he started a weekly class called “Through the Bible in a Year” in which he faithfully teaches our residents how to read and interpret scripture. He generously gives of his time and resources to meet specific needs that our residents have, such as providing education supplies, Bibles and even transportation to church on Sundays. He really goes above and beyond! We are so thankful for John for his humility, faithfulness and dedication.

Read on for a little more information about this superhero!

You’re now retired, but what was your line of work and how do you spend your time now?

I was a lawyer until God graciously showed me the next phase of my life: my main activity for the last sixteen years has been Biblical study and lesson preparation. I have been volunteering for weekly classes at the Village of Hope for the past two and a half years.

Before the Village of Hope I taught at the Bay Area Rescue mission for a year, and before that, I served as Director of Education at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission. I also served as a Program Director for the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM) [now Citygate Network].

Tell us about some of your hobbies and interests.

My main interest is Biblical studies.  I am also studying spoken Hebrew, as well as traditional and cursive written Hebrew through the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition to my classes, I work with a private Hebrew tutor in Irvine. I plan to continue this study for many years.

I also grow Bonsai plants! I believe that I may have the only thriving Redwood trees in Southern California.

Tell us about your family.

My wife Judy is a retired RN. We will celebrate our 48th anniversary in July. We also are blessed to have a 38-year-old special needs son who lives with us. Our older son, daughter-in-law, and twin grandchildren live nearby.

Where do you attend church? 

Each Saturday morning, I attend service at a Messianic Jewish Church – Shuvah Yisrael. On Sundays, I head up the Village of Hope driving team from Terranova Church. We have been transporting Village of Hope residents to Terranova for approximately a year and a half. There are 62 current and former residents who attend church with us.

Why did you choose to volunteer at OCRM? What have you gained personally by volunteering?

God directed me to serve gospel rescue missions. We have moved several times to be near our grandchildren as our older son advanced through his career. For me, the opportunity to study and teach the entire Bible every year with Village of Hope residents is an incredible blessing. These residents are exceptional whether they are seeking a relationship with Jesus or reconnecting with the Jesus they once knew. I spend a lot of time each week preparing the lessons. Vigorous spiritual growth occurs when the residents and I dive into the material. I learn and grow from their insights, questions, and enthusiasm.

What would you say to someone considering to volunteer with OCRM? 

The Orange County Rescue Mission has the best program of any mission. I can say this because I am familiar with other missions through the Citygate Network. Because they have the best program, they have the best residents. I have made many meaningful friendships with residents. Also, we enjoy hosting Village of Hope residents in our home-based church life group. The greatest pleasure is to see them make new friends as they share their faith and spiritual thoughts with our other friends from church. I firmly believe that volunteering with Orange County Rescue Mission is the first step on the path of personal spiritual growth that will lead to lasting friendships with folks, who against all the odds, have redeemed their lives and their faith. This is a mission God desires for all.

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