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A Voice to the Face: Lindsay Shares Her Story


You may remember Lindsay from another post I shared with you back in June. Recently, Lindsay bravely agreed to share her story with us in a beautiful video, which gives a voice to the words I shared with you earlier this year.

I invite you to take a look at the video and hear Lindsay’s voice for yourself, as she shares her painful journey, and more importantly, her triumphant restoration. Be reminded that these are not merely stories or just words on a screen, but a real person’s experience of homelessness, hopelessness, and finally restoration through Jesus Christ.

Lindsay’s experience is one of many that we witness every day here at the Rescue Mission, each with a unique situation, story, and voice. Please watch for yourself as Lindsay shares her story with you.

Thank you for giving homeless and hopeless individuals like Lindsay a chance to start over, and live a new, transformed life!

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