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Tisa's Story



Your partnership and prayers make it possible for women like Tisa to be the mom their kids need them to be and break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Here is Tisa’s story, in her own words:

Right before Christmas last year, I got evicted from a motel where I was staying. I had to leave right away and wasn’t able to take anything with me. I had no money and nowhere to go, so we went to McDonald’s. I was able to use the bathroom to clean up myself and the kids.

The kids needed diapers — and a sweater especially in the late afternoon when it got cold so I begged the motel to let us in to the room to get that stuff for the kids. We pretty much stayed that whole day outside of McDonald’s until late that night when the kids’ dad came and picked them up so that they were at least safe.

During most Christmases, I didn’t have it together. It was really hard out there. I was afraid that I would have nothing for my kids, but thankfully my family would step in and welcome me and the kids just for Christmas.

I wasn’t allowed any other day.

There was one Christmas I couldn’t get my kids anything. I lost my job and was living with their dad but he was abusive and I was high. I felt so bad as a mom. I felt like I didn’t deserve my kids and I couldn’t do Christmas for them. As a kid, I had a really good Christmas because my parents took really good care of me and my brothers. I felt bad I couldn’t do the same.

Being here for Christmas means everything to me.

First of all, I am sober for it. I can finally give my children everything I wished I could before, which is being sober and creating memories for them. They are safe, they have a roof over their heads, food to eat. Now my kids know what stability is. They have a home now and they love it. Aerilin doesn’t ever want to leave.

I know my kids have a safe place to come home to here and they have friends here. This place just saved mine and my kids’ lives. We came here with nothing, and the Rescue Mission has provided everything here. My daughter needed shoes when we came and didn’t have any her size, so they bought her some.

I can’t believe the future ahead of me! I have been given the opportunity to get my High School Diploma. I am going to be able to get a better job now and I am hopeful that I can attend college after getting my High School Diploma.

God has opened up so many doors. My daughter prays at dinner now. My family lets me come over to their house now and they trust me again. I don’t use drugs anymore. My daughter has a safe and healthy school.

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