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The Power of Hope


The word “hope” was brought into our collective understanding as an organization many years ago when I first opened the House of Hope, a home for women and their children, 23 years ago. And hope has continued to be the essence of who we are and what we bring to people; we instill hope into those who are hopeless, and even for those who choose to join us as supporters. I have found over the years that once someone gets a glimmer of hope, that they are loved by God, that people do care, that they do not have to continue to be homeless, and that they can have a better future, that hope grows momentum and propels them to live a different life.

We want to better communicate that hope visually, as well as how life transformation occurs at Orange County Rescue Mission. So we redesigned our logo, and unveiled it this month.

I often share with my readers the stories of changed lives, of people who were quite literally at their rock bottom, and the new life that they now celebrate. But that kind of life transformation is not easy. It requires hard work from all of us, and comprehensive services and support to ensure that a person will have what they need to overcome the root causes of their homelessness.

Our new logo shows 16 “pillars” that remind us of the 16 primary ways that we support people in the process of changing their lives. They are: meals, clothing, housing, family shelter, spiritual, medical, counseling, legal, life skills, financial literacy, education, vocational training, career placement, community, sobriety and outreach.

These pillars summarize how we (staff, volunteers and financial supporters) provide a hand up to a changed life.

Orange County Rescue Mission has a 54 year history, but we are not losing momentum! There is still work to do, and people who need hope instilled into their lives. Join us! You will find yourself more hopeful too, as you see for yourself that hope is possible even for the Least, the Last, and the Lost.

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