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The Next Generation


Dear donors, partners, and volunteers we are fortunate enough to receive countless donations each week.  Simply put, we could not do what we do without our community of support.  True to our campus name, it truly takes a village to surround the populations of individuals that need this support to provide all of the various needs and wrap around services that true rehabilitation requires.

OCRM's volunteer department put together a certificate for Cambria
OCRM’s volunteer department put together a certificate for Cambria

However, you can imagine my surprise when this particular donation arrived at the Village of Hope.  Delivered in the hands of 7 year old Cambria Darling, I was overwhelmed by her desire and passion to give to other kids who have had a much different childhood than she has known.

Cambria’s mother, with Cambria’s three younger sisters in tow, commented on how much of an emphasis their family has placed on prayer. Particularly praying for the Least, the Last and the Lost of their neighborhoods.  But for Cambria, her prayers were not enough, so she insisted on giving this box of Dora the Explorer toys to the kids in OCRM’s child dream center.

Some might think that this donation is small but, on the scale of ministry longevity and community reach, this gesture was off the charts.  Cambria’s passion touched me today, but even more, she increased my excitement for the next generation of passionate world changers that will impact our community in radical ways.  Thank you Cambria and the whole Darling family for your hearts to give to the Orange County Rescue Mission and the Least, the Last and the Lost!

Cambria's donation to OCRM
Cambria’s donation to OCRM

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