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The New LOL


More commonly abbreviated for  ‘laugh out loud’ I am thrilled to thank our friends at Anaheim Baptist Fellowship Church for their generous LOL event, running ‘laps of love’ for the Orange County Rescue Mission.

ABF group
The Anaheim Baptist Fellowship congregation gathered to run laps and raise funds for OCRM.

Each participant ran, walked or skipped around Cypress College Track, raising  $2,000 for the men, women and children of the Orange County Rescue Mission.

Even more special, this is a newer congregation of about 50 people, counting the children. I love this because no matter what the attendance numbers,  fancy building or flashy worship, God always shows up and moves through his people as long as we simply make ourselves available.

I am excited to see what God will do through this community of faith as they continue to live out the love of Jesus Christ in Orange County. Together, no matter what our numbers, God can do great things to rescue the least, the last and the lost of his children.

Thank you Anaheim Baptist Fellowship family- we are grateful for your friendship!

For more information on Anaheim Baptist Fellowship’s Laps of Love event, check out this video and their website.

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