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The Magic in Celebration


One of my most favorite days at the Orange County Rescue Mission has got to be our Magic at the Mission Christmas event.

Magic at the Mission
Volunteers and OCRM students passing donations down the toy assembly line.

A day truly marked with magical memories, not only because of the culmination of countless volunteers, donated gifts, snow and Christmas fun, but because of the amazing amount of people who so generously want to be a part of the cause of the Orange County Rescue Mission.

The work that we do at the Orange County Rescue Mission is is not always glamorous, there is struggle, there is opposition and there is redirection. However, as we always continue to press on toward the goals that God has so clearly called us to, we must also stop to emphasize celebration.

This is such a special day of celebration. Wrapped within the celebration of Jesus as God’s gift to mankind, we also celebrate the act of giving and sharing, we celebrate family, we celebrate tradition, we celebrate the innocence of childhood, we celebrate fun and we celebrate being known, recognized and belonging.

Single moms like Tiera have a chance to give gifts to their children this Christmas, thanks to donors that dropped off brand new toys for our families.

I cannot thank my friends from the city of Tustin and the supportive community around the Orange County Rescue Mission enough for banding together to care for the least, the last and the lost and most importantly, in the midst of our dedicated work, the gift of stopping to celebrate.

Tustin PD
Tustin Police Department helping pass out toys to our children and families.


Santa at OCRM
Mayor Pro Tem, Chuck Puckett as Santa with Jerad Beltz, director of the Village of Hope
Kids in the snow
Danika takes a sled ride down the Village of Hope snow hill.


If you would like to be a part of the cause of the Orange County Rescue Mission and help us celebrate the restored lives during the Christmas season and all throughout the year, join us by giving a donation HERE and getting involved with volunteering HERE.

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