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The Least of These


Can you imagine welcoming a child into the world and upon leaving the hospital, having no where to go?

Tommy is one of our youngest residents, born pre-mature to his parents Rob and Suzy.

As a father, the thought alone breaks my heart. Picturing new parents with a vulnerable child bundled up but no cozy crib to tuck him or her into without even a roof over their heads.

At the Village of Hope, we currently have 5 babies under 5 months old and that is only a fraction of our younger population. A third of our residents are children. That is a lot of kids that would otherwise be homeless.

Let’s break down the stereotypes of homelessness right here. Most assume an older gentleman with a beard holding a cardboard sign at the off-ramp of the freeway, but the numbers suggest otherwise. There is a large population of vulnerable children, even new born babies, whose parents are struggling to make ends meet.

Because of your donations, we have been able to offer these parents a place to stay while providing them the opportunity to restore their lives and break cycle of homelessness.

I marvel at the potential futures for these little one’s, but I also implore you to help these new moms and dads as they get back up on their feet. We have a great need for diapers, formula and other baby items.

Would you give a gift or provide items you know parents need in these fragile times in the midst of raising and rearing the ‘least of these?’

Rob and Suzy
Rob and Suzy are a strong couple – excited to see where their futures lead them!

Give a donation HERE.

Other donations can be delivered to our Village of Hope campus located at 1 Hope Drive, Tustin, CA 92782 where our warehouse staff is happy to assist you between the hours of Monday-Saturday, 8:30am-5pm.

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