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The Generosity of Patterson Autos


From President Bryan Crain

I recently joined an employee event for Patterson Autos, an Orange County conglomerate of Mazda, Hyundai, and Kia car dealerships owned by John Patterson. Under John’s leadership, Patterson Autos has been a long-time donor to Orange County Rescue Mission, and this event was no exception as I received a “big check” to signify their year-end cash donations. In addition, there was a massive turnout from the community for the annual caravan of toy donations sponsored by Patterson Autos for Rescue Mission children at Christmas time. 

But what stood out to me most at this employee event was the culture of giving at Patterson Autos. Employees are encouraged to give generously to others and care about their communities. John leads by example. One such employee, who remained anonymous for this article, was awarded a cash sum for his job performance at the Patterson Auto event I attended. I was caught off-guard and touched by his generosity when the employee handed me his award as a donation to the Rescue Mission!

Especially now, in my new role as President of Orange County Rescue Mission, I am humbled by this man’s generosity, people like John Patterson and his employees, and all the donors and volunteers to the Rescue Mission. Thank you, all, for joining this “God-sized” vision of ending homelessness one life at a time.

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