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Thankful for Work!


I like to work, and I am thankful that I have work that brings a sense of purpose to my life. And, we pass on the value of a good work ethic to every homeless person that is part of a Rescue Mission program.

And that is why each quarter we take another group of residents who have undergone a tremendous amount of effort to change their lives, and prepare them to find a career path. This is their next step to self-sufficiency.

What always stands out about them is that these people are excited to get back to find employment! During their time with us they have developed good attitudes, strong ethics, and skills that employers need in their businesses. These women and men are thankful that they are healthy in mind and body and are now able to take the next step of overcoming homelessness.

They are thankful to work! And now, we have another group of newly employed residents (photo above) who get to join us with a day of fun and rest during our nations’ Labor Day holiday. Enjoy your holiday!

Orange County Rescue Mission, and are affiliates, are wonderful places to work! Please go to for a list of job openings.

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