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Thank You Tustin


I am much more inclined to hand out the awards, but this occasion was quite a privilege.

My good friend and Mayor of the City of Tustin, Al Murray, along with the Tustin City Council presented me with the ‘Distinguished Service’ award at a recent City Council meeting in light of our efforts to better our City of Tustin.

Tustin city Council
Mayor Al Murray presents me with the Distinguished Service award.

I am so thrilled to share the work of the Orange County Rescue Mission and my other various  involvements in the city with all of the residents of Tustin. I truly believe that when a city takes care of the poor, that the quality of life is enhanced for all.  It is exciting to think that with persistence and consistency, over time, change and improvement are possible. This was a neat commemoration celebrating the lives that are being changed and in turn developing the city into a better place for all to reside in.

Here is a quick sound bite from this evening: WATCH HERE

Tustin CC
Octbober City Council Meeting

Jim Palmer Distinguished Service Award

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