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Thank You Merchants Landscaping for Keeping the Rescue Mission Beautiful!


As I have shared before, beauty is a concept that is very important to me and one that factored heavily into the design of the Village of Hope. For people coming from a past of homelessness, hopelessness, and brokenness, they often only know darkness and ugliness. I wanted the Village of Hope to be the opposite: a place of hope and beauty to call home.

As years go by, the concept of beauty remains important to me and that means that we work hard to keep our campuses renovated and well-maintained. Our friends at BrightView Landscapes and Merchants Landscaping have been an incredible help in this regard!

Thank you to Dan Hoon and the team at BrightView Landscapes for bringing our vision of beauty to life through their landscape design! Another thanks is in order to Merchants Landscaping for donating all of the materials and manpower to install a new irrigation system and plans around our new parking lot! It came out wonderful and I am so thankful to both of these companies for their generosity in making this project happen!

Thank you BrightView Landscapes and Merchants Landscaping for this amazing collaboration!

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