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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!


When a family is on the brink of homelessness, leisure is the last thing on a parent’s mind. Providing a roof over their heads or a meal for their children becomes the necessary priority over a trip to the movies or a fun family outing. Many children in low income and homeless families never get to experience these luxuries.

So you can imagine the joy it brought to our Corona Norco Rescue Mission residents when they were blessed with tickets to an Angels baseball game! A couple of weeks ago, it was “Corona Night with the Angels”, an evening where citizens of Corona “take over” the Angel’s Stadium and attend a game together. Our Corona Norco residents were invited to join, thanks to a generous donation of tickets from the Corona Chamber Foundation!

The highlight of the evening was being able to take the special Angels train, which travels round-trip from Corona to the stadium. Most of the children had never been on a train in their lives, and were so excited to finally ride one!

The evening was one of joy and fellowship as the residents were able to bond and learn more about each other, all while enjoying a classic American pastime! This outing was truly a blessing and I am so grateful to the Corona Chamber Foundation for making it happen!

Thank you once again, Corona Chamber Foundation!

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