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Success is in the Air


Success workshop graduateWe congratulated a group of six men and seven women from the Orange County Rescue Mission campuses on the completion of the Road to Success workshop. Joey Gonzales, our career counselor proudly awarded each student with a certificate and a pin. Most of these formerly homeless students began this workshop without much expectation, very low self-esteem or fear of not being able to find a job. Some shared about how they didn’t even think that they had anything to offer to any employer. Others thought they knew everything they needed to know and one woman talked about how she always strived for success, but after this class, she learned that she needed to focus on Jesus and success would follow. After this week, they have all learned to turn their gifts, passions and past into something great for their future. They have established a new sense of confidence that will allow them to take the next step to joining the working community.

Success workshop graduates
Our July 2013 Sunwest Bank Success Workshop Graduate

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